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What Is It? Abstinence is not having sex. A person who decides to practice abstinence has decided not to have sex or any type of intimate sexual contact.

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Comprehensive advice, help and information about sexuality, sexual health and relationships for teens and adults.

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Teen Health & Wellness: Real Life, Real Answers is for educational purposes only. If you have a question on a health or wellness issue, we strongly encourage you to

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Our youth today are growing up in a culture that surrounds them with sexual imagery and messages—but one in which marriage is often delayed until the late twenties

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PAMF’s We’re Talking – Teen Health website was developed by the cent Interest Group of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

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Teens Need Direct Access to Sexual Health Info. Answer provides people with unfettered access to honest, accurate sexuality education. Our award-winning, teen

That’s Not Cool is dedicated to decreasing teen dating due to technology, and is increasing awareness for healthy teen relationships online.

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Do you feel comfortable talking about sex(ual health) with your parents? Of course! It’s all we talk about. Yeah, but they’re a last resort. I guess, but I don’t have

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Take control of your health. Ask your doctor to test you for HIV . Get informedRead more »


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