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Large collection of Puzzle Games. New and amazing Puzzle online games are added everyday

Play Doodle Devil puzzle game on The Doodle Devil is here! Mix and combine darker elements like death, demons, beasts, zombies and connect into the darker

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Complete guide to playing sport in Dubai, keeping fit in Dubai, plus outdoor pursuits. The latest Dubai sport events, sports clubs, gyms, fitness classes.

Golfman Extreme : Putting golf balls into holes in a lawn is BORING. We prefer to hit balls at people. Especially people dumb enough to stick their heads out of windows!

zworld is for s who like sports but are bored of regular old pro sports coverage. We look at the world of professional sports with an eye on what is important

Clue Search Puzzles takes printable crossword puzzles and downloadable word search puzzles adds trivia questions and hidden messages to create entertaining and

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Sociological and cultural aspects of autism come into play with recognition of autism, approaches to its support services and therapies, and how autism affects the

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Play Sudoku Play The Daily Extreme Sudoku. Sudoku is a logic based number placement game that was invented in the US, then popularized in Japan before spreading to

Play Truck Loader puzzle game on Load the lorries with your magnetic forklift truck! Stack everything in the correct position, and send the truck away.


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