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How to Make Pot Scrubbers From Nylon Netting. Even the best dishwasher can leave cookware crusty when you don’t give it a quick scrub before loading it into the machine.

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Pat’s Crocheted Scrubbie. By Pat Linn, Sachewan, Canada. Supplies One crochet hook (I used 5.50) Nylon netting cut into 2 inch strips about 8 to12 strips of 72

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Uses worsted weight acrylic yarn. There is now a video link for this scrubbie with the pattern. Well done Donna! There is now a PDF in German for this pattern.

Don’t toss those mesh produce bags! Upcycle the bags into free, easy to make, no sew kitchen scrubbies in a few simple steps.

Pot scrubbers are an easy kitchen gift to crochet.

Nylon Net 72″ Wide 40 Yards — Nylon netting is ideal for use in costumes, bridal accessories, decorating and more! Machine wash warm, no chlorine bleach. Tumble dry

The Nylon Net 72” is made of 100% nylon and perfect for use in costumes, bridal wear accessories, and party outfits. Measuring 72 inches wide, this nylon net is

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Made in Poland The original Rainbow Scrubbyâ„¢ is the world’s best, most versatile scratchless cleaning pad! Easy to clean – just hang on a dishwasher rack to wash.

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I believe this is one of those patterns that has been handed down for many years. I was taught this pattern by a wonderful older woman and I’d love to share the

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DIY Crochet Dish Scrubbies + {free} Printable Daily 5 Cleaning List with Finish Dishwasher Detergent #SparklySavings

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